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What Small things Can Do


Hammond School in Columbia, SC collected 17,376 pencils! A new record!"Hammond School in Columbia, SC collected 17,376 pencils! A new record!" Hammond School in Columbia, SC collected 17,376 pencils! A new record!




Mathias Zimba distributing pencils to the pupilsQuote extracted from the uRising Fountains July 2007 Newsletter: "The Pencil Project, a USA based nonprofit,, recently donated boxes of pencils for the children at Lundazi’s local commnity school in the village. It is amazing how something as small as a pencil, something many of us take for granted, could bring such joy, excitement, and opportunity to the lives of children. Having a pencil to write with means that the children do not need to use sticks to write on the floor anymore. The pencils represent the importance and value of education. Fortunately,there is a project dedicated to making the lives of children happy one pencil at a time. " www.risingfountains.orgGive hope one pencil at a time.



Julia & Kelsey of Brunswick High School
Brusnwick High School, Brunswick, Maine collected over 5,000 pencils. " Brunswick High School collected over 5,000 pencils









Nina's Pencil Sculpture Nina (age 8), decided to collect pencils for PencilProject as a project with her Sunday School.

"It was easy to ask my friends to give pencils. I collected 1000 pencils, and some donations for the shipping, in about 2 weeks. It made me feel good to know that I'd helped kids in Africa." Nina at the Post Office







"Seventh grade students at Park Forest Middle School (PA), decorated nearly 400 pencils by hand for needy students. Thank you for the pencils and the beautiful artwork!"

"Matias and Alonso collected 2350 pencils for needy students in Malawi"

"Meghan F. collected 901 pencils for South Elementary School in Dillon, SC!"

"Dan C. asked guests to bring pencils to his birthday party and collected over 300! Way to go, Dan!"

"Thank you to students at St. Richard's School (Indiana) for the wonderful pencils and Valentine greetings they sent to children in Africa!"

Jill P. collected 17,800 pencils for needy children in Afghanistan!!! Way to go, Jill!

Many thanks to Sarah who collected over 3500 pencils for children in the Congo. She was even a good sport about wearing a pencil costume!

Students in Malawi, Africa show their appreciation

Camrin and her friends collected over 8,000 pencils at a local Starbucks for needy kids worldwide!

Children in Cameroon, Africa are grateful for pencils sent to their school from students at Prairie Grove Junior High School, USA

Puri and her friends at the CAFM Ladies Prayer Group collected over 250 pencils for needy children in Kentucky

Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others. ”
Barbara Bush