testimonials from Previous campaigns


Prairie Grove Junior High SchoolDear Mrs. Vick,
Prairie Grove Junior High had an outstanding experience participating in The Pencil Project. The students felt empowered by doing something so simple and having such a huge impact on someone’s life. They were filled with amazement as the number of pencil donations doubled everyday. We collected over 2,700 pencils. It was very exciting to see our entire school come together and achieve a unified goal. Our students are walking away from this experience with the belief that they can make a difference!

Mrs. Bieschke
Prairie Grove Junior High School
8th Grade Language Arts/Literature
The Pencil Project Coordinator

Julia & Kelsey Brunswick High SchoolDear Mrs. Vick,
Here are our thoughts on the pencil project:
The fact that there are kids all over the world who don't have sufficient writing tools is enough to make anyone want to help. Before we discovered the Pencil Project, we had no idea that a simple pencil could make such a big difference. This project has helped us realize that anyone can help provide a better education for so many. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to work with such a great organization and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Julia P and Kelsey M
Service Learning , Brunswick High School , Brunswick , Maine






Mathias Zimba distributing pencils to the childrenDear Maria,
Thanks very much for the pencils and the note books that you have sent to Rising Fountains Development Program. We still do not know how we can appreciate you, if you were here in Zambia and according to our tradition we were going to give a big Chicken(cook) as a way of appreciating what you have done. Anyway may God bless you and your project. We will definitely communicate to you immeadiately we receive the pencils and the note books.We are happy to have a person like you Maria who wants to assist the children. We are very much ready to work with you. We already enjoying working with you Maria.

Regards and Best Wishes,
Mathias Zimba.
Program Director,
Rising Fountains Development Program

On behalf of the students, staff and administration at Estill Elementary, I would like to thank you for The Pencil Project. You can rest assure that the pencils will be put to a very good use. Thanks!

Talmadge Wiggins
Estill Elementary in Estill, SC

Brunswick High School

"This summer, based on the number of pencils I’ve been told are coming in from your volunteers, every pencil passed out at our camps will have come from the Pencil Project!"

Laurel C.
World Camp for Kids


Our organization collected 6, 343 pencils.  Many of these came from all across the country.  Attached you will find an image of the three girls who counted the pencils and then the pencils themselves.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this.

Michele R.
Blossom International


Thank you for your timely response, for it bring a ray
of hope to our children who are desperately in need.
Allow me to also thank you in advance for your kind
gesture towards our students, may God richly bless
your organization.
We appreciate everything sent for these children, and
we will never forget such great work you want to do.
Once more, thankyou and God bless.

Sincerely yours,
Joseph F. Sankoh

Dearest Maria,
I cannot begin to find the right words to thank you for
the hope you have given our youngsters. I believe that if Jesus had a
sister she would be like you.
Your kindness will not be forgotten on us, Maria. Stay well.

Samuel Nkosi

My name is Madison C. A couple of months ago I emailed you regarding the Pencil Project. You assigned me to Rains Centenary Elementary School in South Carolina. I have completed the project and have shipped the Pencils off to Rains. (all 22 pounds worth) So many people and businesses in our community were very caring and responsive. I believe it was a great success. I shipped over 2000 pencils to the school. I know they need so much more than just pencils, but I hope the donations I collected made a small difference for this school. I know we tend to take small things, like pencils, for granted, but it really opened my eyes to show me how lucky we are to not have to worry about these things.

Thank you for the opportunity to help with The Pencil Project!

Madison C.

This program has taught me so much. Something we use everyday means so much more to those children. It shows that it really is easy to contribute; children in my school felt compassionate after giving pencils and most importantly, they were eager to do more and give back more.

In fact, when word got out, people actually started coming to me, the spirit of giving really was alive in the entire community. I asked local businesses and was surprised at how enthusiastic they were also about the project. A daycare in my town was able to collect about half of the pencils and the children were so animated- their spirit kept motivating me. It taught me that I all I to do is to look and ask for help- but most importantly, it is really easy to make a difference.

Thank you for all of your help and support. This program is a great thing and I am glad to have become a part of it.

Kind regards,
Navdeep Cheema

Ellie and Marissa fundraised all of the money on their own.  They organized a bake sale, a candy jar guess, and classroom collections with all proceeds going to the Pencil Project.   This all occurred in one week in May with first through eighth grade participation.  Ellie, Marissa, and the Rawson-Saunders School are glad they are able to contribute to the education and happiness of young people in Africa.   

THANKS SO MUCH!!! Smiley emoticon

This project really inspired many of the members of Friday Night Live.  All the members were touched by the idea that something so small can have such a large impact.  Many members bought pencils and brought them together to reach the amount of almost 1,000 pencils.  We were very happy with the results and are looking forward to raising more pencils in November with a goal of at least 2,000 pencils and the help of other Friday Night Live Chapters in Orange County. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Pablo Q.
Savanna High Friday Night Live

Garry Brooks from www.africancommunityproject.com hands out pencils in Zambia. Says Garry, “We have given out 30 new blackboards to our Community Schools and the pencils you sent are
like gold. We have over 10,000 students wishing for a pencil. Our supplies are very sparse but every bit helps. Zikomo Kwimbiri (thank you) “

Garry Brooks


Collecting pencils for The Pencil Project was such a great experience for our students at Short Pump Elementary school in Virginia.  It was a wonderful way for our students  to learn that there are other children in the world who don’t have something as small as a pencil. What we take for granted, means the world to someone else.  Our drive collected 9,300 pencils, 151 pencil sharpeners  and more than 200 erasers. We were able to support, not only schools in Kenya and Swaziland, but also a school in a rural part of our state as well.  The children loved watching the pencil bins grow – and we even ended the project with a contest to guess how many pencils were in the bins.  Thank you for all of your guidance – and keep up the good work!!

Colleen Phelps
Community Service Chair
Short Pump Elementary School PTA


"Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee."
Ralph Waldo Emerson